June 20, 2010

So Ive been very thrilled with the response ive gotten on the Marina Abramovic Webcam Capture Animation Video I made. It was tweeted by MoMA, blogged and/or mentioned about by Wall Street Journal & Rachel Maddow. Its been amazing all the responses Ive gotten. The biggest request/comment Ive gotten was from people who want to add their webcam capture to the animation video. And Id like to update the video to make it as complete as possible. So im throwing out the call for anyone to send me their webcam capture. Ill be updating the video next week, so Ill be reposting/spamming this call for webcam captures all week, so that hopefully along with the new captures Ive already collected since it went live, I can gather more and more!  My original concept for this is to make it as complete as possible, and Id still like to do it.


June 2, 2010

Stop motion animation I created using the webcam captures of the Marina Abramovic performance at MoMA
(from the archives of this site & also from all the nice people whove donated their captures)